About Science and Technology Academy

Science & Technology Academy (STA) is initiated by Phyjits Academy to encourage the idea of understanding and empowerment of SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY at school level as well as at after school level. STA with it’s partners tend to provide a common platform for STUDENTS of all age, researchers, subject matter experts and academicians to share their insights on SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY via the available ONLINE platform.

Objective of the SSTR Conference

The 2021 International Symposium on Science and Technology Research (SSTR) will commence from 27 - 28 December 2021. 2021 SSTR to explore the emerging research in the SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY research. The 2021 SSTR will be delivered via online conference. The 2021 SSTR will also promotes the globalization of quality research, which discusses the depth and breathe of the research in the area of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY. It also serves as a platform for the national and international researchers, practitioners, educators, scientists, post graduates as well as distinguished faculty members to present and discuss the most recent finding or innovation in SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY. The 2021 SSTR also serves as platform to share the practical challenges that were faced or will be faced based on the research sharing.

Keynote Speakers

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2021 SSTR Conference Details





2021 SSTR Virtual Presentation

2021 SSTR virtual presentation via Webex Meeting (Live Webinar)

Committee Members


All REGISTERED and PRESENTED papers will be submitted to CONFERENCE PROCEEDING of Advances in Science and Technology - ISSN: 1662-0356 with INSPEC (IET) indexing.


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